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Our Platform



  1. Your voice matters to us.
  2. Community involvement matters to us.
  3. We will be a true voice for the residents.
  4. We want to hear your thoughts and concerns. Click here to share your concerns.
  5. We will take action on the community’s concerns.



  1. More Transparency 
  2. Long term planning
  3. Better Communication to residents BEFORE decisions are made, not after.
  4. Become a more business friendly town. 
  5. Uncover hidden taxes.



  1. Quality Education for ALL Students
  2. Support and Opportunity for Teachers
  3. Comprehensive Educational goals for our district
  4. Creating an environment that is safe, and welcoming to attract and retain highly skilled teachers.
  5. College and Career Readiness

We want to hear from you!

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Resident's Concerns


Thank you for sharing your concerns!

Enfield residents are sharing their concerns about Enfield with us. We hear you and want to help make a difference!

  1. "Enfield has so much potential, but people in power still think like the 1950's. New ideas are shut down and they still manage like a small town dictatorship."
  2. "Enfield Infrastructure. Have a sustained commitment to Enfield’s infrastructure and a multi year infrastructure plan , that address fundamental structural reforms necessary , any consultations and renovations for the next decade , to two decades."
  3. "Transparency In Politics. No more 3 minute speaking limits or restrictions on the relevance or general commentary of the commentators , except in situations where crude comments are made. Enfield residents deserve to have verbal contact with their elected officials. "
  4. "Return Big Decisions To Voters. Enfield voters should have the inherent say on large changes to the Town. A school closing ? , a major tax increase or budget increase or cut ? . It deserves to be voted on by the voters via a referendum."
  5. "Update The Charter. In the 21st century , government must be accountable to voters and have the ability to make 21st century decisions. With ever changing times our charter should reflect this and the Charter Revision Committee should be reinstated."
  6. "Evaluate Waste , Fraud and Abuse within town government. For recent history we’ve seen too much of the Superintendent and Town Manager engage in fiscally irresponsible and ethically questionable decisions at the detriment of the people of Enfield. This must be questioned and held accountable. Administration costs in Enfield are unquestionably high and this unacceptable. The salaries for the top officials in Enfield aren’t consistent with other towns of similar size and there’s a multitude of administrative positions in Enfield Schools and the Town of Enfield that should be eliminated or consolidated."
  7. " Respect All Views. Regardless of whether of your political affiliation, race , color , religion , sexual preference or your policy opinions , value all views and all people. For too long in Enfield this hasn’t been the case."