Meet Colleen Ann Reidy

Colleen has resided just outside of downtown Thompsonville with her husband and three sons for 26 years.

Early on, Colleen was a stay at home parent as well as a caregiver for her grandfather giving Colleen an understanding of the difficulties of raising a family while caring for an ailing relative. During the early years, Colleen found creative ways to help supplement the family income with various odd jobs, all the while boosting and extending the budget by bargain shopping for the best price possible.

After the passing of her Grandfather in early 2001, Colleen found she had some extra time on her hands. An avid gardener at home, she joined the garden club and soon after, in 2002, the Enfield Beautification Committee. Colleen resigned early 2013 holding the Chairman position 7 years. Also during this time, Colleen was a member of the Enfield Revitalization Strategy Committee off and on from April 2011 until the committee was disbanded early 2017.

May 2014, Colleen ran for and was elected as a Fire Commissioner for the Thompsonville Fire District. She continues, to this day, as a commissioner. Colleen also held the seats of Chairman and Treasurer. Colleen has been a strong leader and voice of the taxpayers of the district.

In addition to serving as commissioner, Colleen has been a member of the Enfield Historic District Commission from February 2014 until becoming a Member as of February 2019 -present.

Over the years Colleen has also become a Trustee for the Enfield Cemetery Association, as well as a Notary, and a Justice of the Peace.

Throughout her public life, Colleen has shown a love an appreciation of Enfield from volunteering at the schools, to preserving our downtown area and cemeteries, and being a strong voice and advocate, to saving and preserving the horn and bell for the TFD. From the Garden Club to the Revitalization Committee, and finally the TFD Fire Commission, Colleen has been listening to the concerns and thoughts of the average citizen. In her role as an elected official, she has been an avid independent voice for the taxpayers and citizens of the District. As an elected official, she has been able to implement changes to ensure the continued viability and safety of the District while lowering taxes. Colleen has demonstrated the skills and the desire to work for a better Enfield.

Colleen will continue to listen to and be a strong voice for all of the citizens of Enfield. Colleen will strive and push for open, honest and transparent government realizing the town belongs to the citizens and not the elected government bodies. Colleen will push for a strengthening of our infrastructure while looking for the most economical ways to get there. Colleen will push for stronger education by working with the Board of Education for a better Enfield.

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